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Atty. Ferdinand Topacio digs out Mo Twister’s past as a strike against him

  • Mo Twister expressed his opinion about the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino and Asec. Mocha Uson’s tiff.
  • However, Ferdinand Topacio decided to dig out Mo’s past relationship with Rhian Ramos.
  • Ferdinand also did this to defend Mocha from Mo.

Mo Twister recently shared his opinion on Kris Aquino and Mocha Uson’s tiff. Mo wrote how he never had an admiration towards Kris. However, he became an instant fan when she clapped back against Mocha.

Then, Ferdinand Topacio decided to dig out Mo’s past relationship with Rhian Ramos just to defend Mocha.

In the said Twitter post, Mo also wrote how he used to feel annoyed with Kris through the years. However, he loved how Kris handled the issue.

“I’ve never been a Kris fan. In fact, I’ve been annoyed by her for years. I’m amazed at how, overnight, I’ve become an instant fan just because how despicable Mocha is and how Kris just handed her an ass-sandwich.”

A netizen pointed out how he used to be friends with Mocha.

“You used to be friend of mocha and give up everything after politics.”

Ferdinand also dug out Mo’s issue with Rhian. He also noted how Mo may still be grieving for his lost to Rhian.

“Let Mo be, Melchor. He lost Rhian under the most humiliating of circumstances and hasn’t gotten over it yet. Let him grieve in his own curmudgeonly way.”

Mo hit back with Ferdinand’s past on being linked to a 14-year-old actress. He also called Ferdinand an Adolf Hitler supporter.

“Haha! Wow, Attorney Topacio referencing me & my past?! Didn’t your gorilla looking ass get linked to a 14 year old actress? Didn’t you like buy a condo across from her so you can stalk her? 14?! Get the fuck out of here you Hitler supporter.”

Ferdinand dug another past article regarding Mo and Rhian.

“Hey, look who’s the stalker…. –“

Mo also attached a link regarding Ferdinand’s pedophile issue.

“.Are you trying to win this with links?! You’re a fucking pedophile. You bought a condo across the street from a 14yr old that u wanted and youre trying to defend your shit with links?! Here’s a link for you:”

Ferdinand dared that he would give a million pesos to Mo on proving his pedophile issue. If Mo couldn’t prove it, he should give the money to Rhian.

“Prove it, Mo, and not only will I march into jail gladly, but give you a million pesos. If you can’t, give Rhian a million pesos (if you have it), which is scant recompense for all you’ve done against her. Deal?”

Mo asked to keep the million to pay for Ferdinand’s condo inclusive for his stalking.

“Keep ur 1M, ur gonna need it for a down payment on a stalking condo. Shit, if any neighbor finds out u moved into the building, it’s time to hide their pre-teens. And please T-Rex, YOUR twitter bio is a self-confession of pervert. Why are u trying to project ur sickness on me?”

Ferdinand also noted that Mo doesn’t have the courage to prove his convictions.

“Don’t have the courage of your convictions? Not surprising for someone who would seek to ruin a 16-year old. Well, call me once you’ve grown some cojones. In the meantime, ciao. P.S. Just one word: Deal or No Deal. Ala Kris.

Mo asked Ferdinand not to jack off since he has short arms.

“Maybe you’d pay attention to what I’m saying if I tweeted you like a 14yr old. “Tito Ferdie, you’re gross and panget.”  Don’t get a boner! It’s hard to jack-off with such short arms. Now, as I said with my first tweet, get the fuck out of here. I’m done with you, easy work.”

Mo also asked Ferdinand whether he had already taken his Hitler painting down from his office wall.

“Did u take down ur Hitler painting from ur office @FS_Topacio? You also might want to change ur Twitter bio: “I live by this motto: ‘Women are the foundation of society, so men must lay the foundation.” Something more professional like, “currently shooting Planet of The Apes 10?”


Ferdinand clapped back by mocking Mo for losing a gem such as Rhian. He also called Mo a loser on asking for pity.

“Why the hate? I was defending your actions. Rhian was such a gem and you lost her. I feel you, bro. You’re a loser who has to resort to expletives and obscenities to get noticed. People like you deserve nothing but pity. Guys, let’s all give Mo a break.”

Mo quoted Ferdinand’s tweet and listed his creepy behaviors as a pedophile, and a Hitler supporter.

“What hate? Youre a pedophile, a Hitler supporter, a creep based on YOUR OWN Twitter bio, and you look like a Gorilla. Why of all people are u shocked when facts are mixed in w/ expletives? I’m just using your and Mocha’s way of communicating, you short armed fuck.”

Mo revealed that he only spew out facts that Ferdinand looks like a gorilla. He also added that Ferdinand only has one testicle left and a bad wig.

“The only fact I said bout u that isnt on Google is u look like a gorilla. So u have 1 testicle left, a bad wig & between the two of us, seems to be u who is still thinking bout Rhian. Brother, shes way too old for you. Theres always a new batch u can rub your stink on @FS_Topacio”

Mo ended their first batch of altercation comparing Ferdinand’s love with fourteen-year-olds with Steph Curry’s love with three-point shots.

“Atty @FS_Topacio likes 14yr olds as much as Steph liked that open three.”

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